Google decided to spend 2.1 billion USD to buy Fitbit smartwatch

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has spoken out confirming the US $ 2.1 billion acquisition of smartwatch and wearable device Fitbit. This is considered a move for Google “leapfrog” in the race on the smart watch market.

In an article on the official blog, Google’s vice president of equipment and services Rick Osterloh said “the search giant” will spend $ 2.1 billion to buy smartwatch and wearables. Fitbit smart, and affirmed this is “an opportunity to invest more in Wear OS platform as well as introduce smart wearables manufactured by Google to market”.

Google’s announcement comes just days after rumors emerged that Google was contacting to buy the famous wearable maker Fitbit. In September, Fitbit was also reportedly planning to sell itself.

After the deal is completed, Fitbit will be merged into Google, instead of operating as a separate part of the company, but it is unclear how Fitbit’s operating model will change after being Google. acquisition.

For its part, Fitbit has issued a statement stating that the company will still keep the health and fitness data of users using its products strictly confidential, while confirming that the data User health data will not be used for Google’s advertising purposes.

In fact, it seems that Google does not need too much data about the health of users that Fitbit is holding for advertising purposes, but this deal makes more sense when Fitbit will help Google “go.” “in the smartwatch market and can produce its own brand of smart wearable devices.

Fitbit products are always highly valued by users, so this deal gives Google a solid foundation to develop products that integrate its OS and Wear OS users. easily received. This will help Google be able to better compete with competitors in the smartwatch market.

In the opposite direction, with Google’s software development capabilities that can help Fibit products improve and especially this is also an opportunity for Google to show the best of Wear OS platform, which was developed by Google specifically for smart wearables.

One thing worth noting is that according to The Information newspaper, Facebook had discussed to buy Fitbit before Google jumped in for $ 2.1 billion. If Facebook succeeds in acquiring Fitbit, this could be the second hardware category of this social network, after virtual reality glasses Oculus VR.

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