Manage Stress and Improve Wellbeing with Fitbit’s Sense 2 Smartwatch

Take charge of your health and reach fitness goals with the feature-packed new Fitbit Sense 2. This smartwatch combines top-tier sensors with insightful analytics to help you manage stress, sleep better, enhance workouts and live a healthier lifestyle.

Stress Tracking and Management Tools for Wellbeing

A standout feature of the Sense 2 is its stress management capabilities. The EDA sensor detects electrodermal activity to reveal your body’s response to stress throughout the day.

Pair this with cEDA data, sleep metrics, activity levels and more to generate a daily Stress Management Score. Review trends in the Health Metrics Dashboard. Access mindfulness content, breathing exercises and other tools right on your wrist to help unwind.

Medical-Grade Sensors Provide a Comprehensive Health Picture

This advanced smartwatch goes beyond just fitness to offer a more complete view of your overall health. The on-demand ECG app assesses heart rhythm for signs of atrial fibrillation. You can enable irregular heart rhythm notifications and set thresholds for high or low heart rates.

With the SPO2 sensor, check your nightly blood oxygen levels. Log symptoms and review statistics in the intuitive Fitbit app dashboard.

Detailed Sleep Tracking with Smart Alarm

Get a deeper understanding of your sleep quality with the Sense 2’s Sleep Profile feature. It provides a month-long analysis of your sleep stages (REM, light, and deep), Sleep Score, and customized suggestions to improve.

The smart wake alarm awakens you at the optimal time in your sleep cycle so you feel rested. Adjust settings like do not disturb, sleep schedules and bedtime reminders for better sleep hygiene.

Built-in GPS and Active Zone Minutes for Fitness Motivation

With the Sense 2’s built-in GPS, you can map outdoor walk, runs and bike rides without carrying your phone. See real-time pace, distance and workout intensity maps.

The Active Zone Minutes feature tracks time spent in target heart rate zones to motivate you to increase intensity. Use the Daily Readiness Score to determine if your body is ready to exercise or needs recovery.

Smart Features in a Sleek and Durable Design

Even with its robust health tracking features, the Fitbit Sense 2 maintains a slim and lightweight profile. The bright AMOLED display is easy to read indoors and outdoors. With a battery life exceeding 6 days, it’s built for all-day wear.

The Sense 2 is water resistant to 50 meters so you can swim or shower with it on. Make calls, texts, and payments from your wrist. Choose from stylish accessories to match your look.

Bring comprehensive health insights and motivation to your wrist with the feature-packed Fitbit Sense 2. Whether your goal is reducing stress, improving sleep, or optimizing workouts, this smartwatch provides the advanced tracking and analytics you need to succeed.

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