The most purchased smartphone Black Friday 2019

Smartphones account for 41% of most online purchases on Black Friday, contributing $ 2.9 billion in e-commerce revenue today.

Experts say that the growth rate of smartphone sales is faster than that of the e-commerce market in general. Specifically, 66% of users visiting retail sites of Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon … have decided to order smartphones.

Online smartphone sales have increased by 21% over the previous year, suggesting that users are starting to form a more relaxed mentality when ordering electronic products at high discounts online, instead of buying them in person.

Taylor Schreiner, head of market analysis at Adobe Digital Insights, forecasts that the demand for online electronics purchases before Christmas will continue to increase as consumers are reluctant to queue for payment at traditional stores.

“Many people have made reservations and only come to the door to receive their goods,” Schreiner said. “Therefore, small businesses can still increase their online sales for the rest of the holiday season. They can take advantage of November 30 (Small Business Saturday) to provide products or services. unique, compete with the giant retail corporations “.

The shopping momentum of the US is said to have not stopped. By 9 am on November 30 (local time), Adobe Analytics recorded a large number of online transactions worth up to $ 470 million, up 18% from a year ago. The market analyst estimated that by the end of the day revenue would reach $ 3 billion.

Adobe experts expect that the total value of online transactions on Cyber ​​Monday 2019 will increase 18.9% to $ 8.4 billion, knocking a record set in 2018.

Black Friday was born to stimulate shopping in stores and Cyber ​​Monday for e-commerce. That is, every year users can go to the store on Friday, then go online the next Monday to hunt for discounted items.

In recent years, Black Friday in the US has fallen into the e-commerce path of Cyber ​​Monday. Although many stores maintain sales by direct sales, many users take advantage of this opportunity to sell online. In terms of scale, Black Friday is even stronger than Cyber ​​Monday due to its cooperation with many large retailers with more diverse items.

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